A new and unique employment-readiness initiative, Connecting Aboriginals to Manufacturing (CAM) aims at increasing the supply of skilled workers needed across Manitoba’s manufacturing sector.

Manufacturers say they’re struggling to fill many entry-level positions in Manitoba due to applicants’ low levels of Essential Skills. And over the next 10 years it’s expected that 25% of all new workforce entrants will be Aboriginal. CAM’s goal is to help connect the needs of these new entrants to the needs of manufacturers by supporting Aboriginal learners in acquiring the skills needed to better support their employment goals in manufacturing.

CAM’s road to employment begins with a strong grounding in the nine workplace Essential Skills, with a learner-focused strategy that begins at intake and continues on through to retention strategies designed for long-term success for both companies and Aboriginal communities.

Company benefits from the program can include learning how to effectively prepare a workplace for diversity, for retention and for long-term success. Individuals can enhance their Essential Skills levels while also receiving training and experience in the many other skills needed for success in gaining and maintaining successful employment.

CAM’s program includes on-site and off-site training and mentorships, and facilitates strong partnerships between company and community from the outset to ensure all stakeholders get the most out of this trailblazing program.

For more information about this and other Essential Skills initiatives developed by Workplace Education Manitoba, visit our website at You can also check us out on Facebook.


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